Ship Repair


  • Ship Husbandry

  • Design, Fabrication and Installation of Cofferdams

  • Hull Blanks

  • Advanced Underwater Painting and Coating System

  • Zinc Replacements

  • ABS certified "UWILD" (Underwater Inspection in lieu of Drydocking)

  • Underwater Inspection Services, Including NDT

  • Photo and Video Inspection

  • Documentation and Report Preparation


C&W Diving Services has a long-standing reputation as the premier provider of underwater ship husbandry services. The engineering and diving company has been providing cofferdam and extensive underwater repairs for the U.S. Navy and commercial vessels since 1978.


With a large inventory of standard cofferdams, C&W is available to respond immediately, 24-hours a day to a customers' call for assistance. C&W designs and fabricates engineer-certified custom cofferdams to accommodate any special situation.


C&W has extensive experience working with underwater coatings that insure preservation of areas repaired.


Automated hull scrubbing units allow C&W to quickly and economically clean a ship while in the water. This saves tremendously on fuel costs and dry docking expenses, plus adding to a ship’s hull life.